Managed Mongodb service

This plugin manages a set of Mongodb instances for you on the requesting host, supplying the credentials to applications to each instance created. When the service is deleted, the Mongo instance is stopped and destroyed.

This will currently use the packaged version of MongoDB, which may be an older version.

This plugin is not intended for production use at this time, as it turns off some features of MongoDB to speed up startup time.

To enable the plugin:

- class: paasmaker.pacemaker.service.managedmongodb.ManagedMongoService
  name: paasmaker.service.managedmongodb
  title: Managed Mongodb Service

Application Configuration

Applications can not currently pass any parameters to this service.

Server Configuration

The plugin has the following configuration options:

min_port : Integer : Optional

Minimum port. The minimum port to allocate mongoDB instances in.

Default value: 42700

max_port : Integer : Optional

Maximum port. The maximum port to allocate mongoDB instances in.

Default value: 42799

shutdown : Boolean : Optional

Shutdown. If true, shut down all managed mongoDB instances when the node stops. You won't want to do this normally.

Default value: false

binary : String : Optional

mongoDB server binary. The full path to the mongoDB server binary.

Default value: None

Original class: <class 'paasmaker.pacemaker.service.managedmongodb.ManagedMongoServiceConfigurationSchema'>